martes, 3 de octubre de 2017

Shoreline Pedestrian/Bicycle Path | Long Beach, CA


A series of beaches extend along the coast of Long Beach from the harbor to the tip of the Alamitos Peninsula. A path allows walking through this area: the Shoreline Pedestrian Bike path. It's well maintained and the views from the trail are spectacular. This path can be crowded on weekends.

The hike goes along the concrete path in Alamitos Beach. You soon reach the Junipero Beach, also known as Cherry Beach. After 2 miles of walking, we arrive to Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier. It extends 1.800 feet into the bay.

Just west of the Belmont Pier has been installed a new bike and pedestrian counter called Eco-Totem. The counter shows the number of pedestrians and cyclists who use the path daily.

Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier

The next interesting point is Rosie’s Dog Beach. From there, it’s another mile to 54th Place, where the Shoreline Way ends. Then, turn right on Ocean Boulevard and follow the sidewalk to 55th Place. Turn right to follow the East Seaside Walk alongside homes and end the hike at Alamitos Park. Alamitos Park is small green area with views of the Alamitos Bay entrance channel.

East Seaside Walk

Alamitos Park

Alamitos Bay entrance channel


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