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Mount Pinos Loop | Los Padres National Forest, CA


Mount Pinos is the highest peak in the Ventura County, reaching an elevation of 8,847 feet (2,697 m). Its located in the southern portion of the Los Padres National Forest. The Mount Pinos trail begins on the left side of the Chula Vista parking lot.

The trail climbs gradually through a pine forest until it reaches a big meadow. Here you can leave the track on the left and continue to the edge of the cliff. You will be stunned by the amazing panoramic views all around.

Go back to the track and walk across the meadow into a forest where the trail picks up again. A little further ahead appears another meadow where you can see the radio towers atop Mount Pinos. The peak is relative flat and  less forested than the surrounded area. The Mount Pinos area offers incredible views that include the San Joaquin Valley to the north, the Tehachapis to the east, and the Carrizo Plain and Temblor Mountains to the northwest.

The Mount Pinos is known as Iwihinmu by the indiginous Chumash people. It was considered the center of the world (Liyikshup).

Mount Pinos

Mount Pinos

Now we headed towards the Condor Observation Site about a quarter-mile east. The Mount Pinos entire area was home to the California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus). Captive breeding programs have reintroduced this bird back to its native territory. Unfortunately, we did not see a California Condor on our hike.

Condor Observation Site

You can return to the parking lot by backtracking or improvising a cross-country walk through the forest just like we did.

Plenty of chipmunks live in these woods. They are easily identified by their tiny size and pattern of stripes running down their head and back.



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