lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

Walter Pyramid | Long Beach, CA


The Walter Pyramid has become a recognized icon for the city of Long Beach (CA). Designed by architect Don Gibbs, it is one of only three true pyramids in the United States. You can explore the city walking from Downtown to the Walter Pyramid. The route takes two hours and covers approximately 10 km. There are some interesting spots along the way including the Colorado Lagoon.

This impressive cobalt-blue building is located on the campus of Long Beach State University. It measures 345 feet on each side of its perfectly square base. Depending on the day and the lighting, the blue takes on a different shade.

The pyramid officially became named the Walter Pyramid thanks to the generous donations presented to the university by Dr. Mike and Arline Walter.

Home to Long Beach State's Basketball and volleyball teams, it also hosts multiple events throughout the year.


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